Disney Dream 5534

Was just assigned room 5534 on the Disney Dream. Was hoping for a room on a higher deck, towards the back of the ship (away from kids clubs). What are my chances to being able to change staterooms when I check in at the port on embarkation day?

Slim to none - especially not without being charged for it. Some cruiselines apparently allow you to call and fuss about your guarantee assignment and change. Disney is not one of those. When you book guarantee status you are saying you’re ok with them putting you anywhere on the ship in your booked category or above.

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How noisy is it being that close to the Oceaneer’s Club & Vibe? Is there more noise, running up & down the halls, etc. on Deck 5?

I didn’t find it any noisier when I was stuck in 5044 (which is closer to the stairs) than any other cabin. If I remember correctly, the entrance to Vibe is not off of the hall. And Oceanear’s is at the other end of the ship.

Bottom line is no matter where you are, there are people who are going to allow (and sadly even encourage) their kids to run down the hall. Just like it is impossible to say what a “quiet” room is at a resort because you could have a super quiet party in there one day and a screaming child in there the next, it will vary from cruise to cruise.

But I did not find it any noisier than anywhere else on the ship.

Doubtful, especially if you booked a GVT room and especially during covid times.

the ship was pretty empty. I don’t think you’ll hear any noise.

I noticed when considering bumping my Disney Wish cruise out to be able to get 4 nights Concierge over the three I got when they originally dumped them for Silver members and all the 4 and 5 night Concierge rooms were gone that some of the later cruises weren’t allowing you to pick your room period. Like all of the options for various balcony rooms, etc. (which I started to consider because the Wish Cruises seriously went up in price from when I booked originally so I decided to stay put) but all of the balcony rooms were generic categories and they will assign your room. I found that strange (is the shipped super booked or what does that mean…every category was open just not allowing you to pick your room).

Yes. The Wish sold ridiculously quickly. And just like DCL’s algorithm doesn’t drop prices to earlier levels when people cancel, they don’t take the room inventory back to the ability to pick your cabin. I had a veranda cabin on a sailing but I dropped it because frankly other than the dining rooms, not that much about the Wish interests me. Seems way more kid-oriented than their other ships IMHO - and not thrilled about what we do know of the few adult-only areas.

So basically it sold out and then a bunch of people cancelled? Got it. I was looking to move from Aug to Nov to get a 4 night but it was much more expensive for one extra night like not quite double but like 60% more. Three nights will have to be enough. I wanted to do the adults only restaurant but I don’t want to miss the three regular restaurants either so I was hoping to get a 4 night so I could do it on the repeat restaurant night. I may just do the three regular dining rooms and maybe grab a Palo brunch if I can. I am actually very excited about it. The thing that isn’t thrilling me is the Star Wars Hotel…a regular room is more expensive than my three night concierge room on the Wish and I’m stuck inside? No thanks.

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Sold out or sold enough that whatever we’re released would go into guarantee status. Now that could only mean one room per category - no way to know.

That monstrosity never even registered for me - but that is because I refuse to consider Star Wars true Disney. And I never saw the appeal of any of those movies period. I didn’t even go see whichever one Laura Dern was in - and I have never missed one of her movies. But that is how much I dislike the whole concept.

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I have always preferred Star Trek to Star Wars. But I don’t hate the Star Wars movies. I can watch them here and there but they are pretty formulaic, really about the spectacle which Disney does well so it was a good acquisition for them.

I’m clearly in the minority for not liking them, and I fully admit that.

Honestly the whole feature bar on the Wish being themed to it turned me off that ship before even the stupid “AR” game was announced rather than Midship Detective. No way can I relax in a place like that.

I do love the Muppets game on Dream. I did it twice.

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Yes, I love midship detective. I hate that they are eliminating it in favor of the cell phone dependent thing. :frowning: I hope they keep the classic version on the Dream Class ships.

Yeah, I don’t like that either. I prefer real effects and not needing to have a phone

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