Disney DIY Shirt Suggestions


I am working on making my own shirts to wear to Disney. I am trying to make (or buy) one for each day I'm down there. DH prefers to buy his because he says mine are "to girly".

So far I have made one for Minnie (navy), Daisy (purple), Marie the cat (charcoal), Walle & Eve (white), a castle monogrammed shirt (pink), and one that is Lilo inspired (red). I have also purchased an Ariel one.

My question for you all is: Who/What else should I do? I'm not really into Frozen, Star Wars or the princesses. I bought a black colored tee but I could buy something if the idea works better on another color. I have stalked Pinterest but I'm having a crafter's brain fart on this last shirt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Peter Pan? Never grow up... :slight_smile:


Maybe an Alice character? Hatter or White Rabbit...or maybe a little darker with Maleficent?


I just had a couple shirts made and I went with:

Talk Disney to Me

Its called a Hustle Sweetheart

I love Dole Whips

Be our Guest

I would be curious to see the ones you made, they sound great.


I also had a Dinglehopper Hair Dont Care Shirt made too, but if you already have an ariel, you may not want that.


How about a villain. Or perhaps Wreck it Ralph? You don't see that much in the parks.


I've seen a Gaston inspired shirt - "I use antlers in all of my decorating"


Or a Tangled inspired tee w/ a frying pan on it that says "Frying pans, who knew?" Lol.


How about the Cheshire Cat, not the one in my pic but the new one. You could use the black t-shirt and just have a big toothy grin and a pair of eyes.


That sounds awesome if I didn't already have her!


The DH is going to wear a Gaston shirt if it kills him!


Thanks for all the great suggestions! I have decided to make a Luau themed Timon to wear on our AK day!


Tinkerbell? I'd love to see pictures of the shirts! I'm currently plotting my family's shirts for next year.


When I get them all finished, I plan to display them one here!


Yes, please!!