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On the Disney dish Podcast that was released today, Len mentioned that he was asked if he had been to an airport when he rode the bus from Contemporary to MK. He mentioned that he had more information about the question but he would talk about it later when he talked about his second day in the parks. I thought I was listening through but I don’t think he ever brought it up again. I really don’t want to re-listen to the entire podcast if I can avoid it. Does anybody know if he did bring it up and if he did what the outcome of the question was?

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It did not come up again. I was curious about that as well.

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Thank you. I thought I was crazy. I was just starting my day trying to work at home at the same time as listening. So, I thought maybe I missed it. I really didn’t want to re-listen to the whole thing.

I have not finished listening yet, only got through the first half (it’s much longer than usual).

Let’s tag @len and ask him about it. He’s on here all the time.

Well Len what do you have to say?


Was wondering the same thing, as we are set to fly to Orlando next week and have reservations at the parks!

I thought I would post the question on TP as well, but I decided to wait until I finished listening to the podcast in case the question was answered there. It never did come up again in the discussion.

I wonder if they are just looking for certain airports - such as those in the tri-state area. Many of the guests will be traveling by airplane I’m sure. We are planning on doing so in September. We also have DME reservations, and I would think it would have come up there at some point.

I can’t imagine that they would restrict ability for people to go to the parks if they had been at an airport. They are still offering Magical Express and there has been no major announcements. I wonder if it has something to do with how they load a bus. It is a longshot but that is the only thing that I could thing of today.

@len answered this in another thread