Disney Dining Reservation system broken?

Today is my day to make our ADR’s for a trip to MK in 60 days. Every time I try to load an available time it says it can’t and I should ensure i have park reservations for that day. I know I do, I see them in My Plans, so why won’t it recognize that I do? I’ve tried both on the website on my computer and on my phone on the app. Last time we were at WDW was in 2019… is the ADR system glitchy and prone to problems like this? I’m just stressing cause I want to get the Grey Stuff (it’s delicious!). lol

This is what it is saying: We were unable to check for available tables at this time. A problem may have occurred while looking for availability. Please ensure if you have a valid resort reservation, it is linked to your My Disney Experience account and try again.

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Is this BOG for 3/27? I see some availability

Clear your cookies. Try using an incognito window. Especially since @bebe80 sees some availability.

Keep trying.

This is, unfortunately, an all-too-common issue and I see others reporting it this morning on FB too. I’m sorry this has happened. Best of luck.


Also, anybody can get an ADR at 60. I have no current park reservations.

I was wondering about that (you/plans). Oh but you mean AT 60 not 60+10

No, it will be a while yet.

I dunno if this will help OP but I went to the BOG restaurant page first, hit check availability, made me log in, the select the 6:00 time. I wish it worked this well for everone!


I think it has been reported fairly regularly that doing it the way you describe here seems to work for most people when the system is being a turd.


Yep I log on to my individual restaurant on the full website for my must-do’s and book from there frequently.


Also works on the app. Search for the restaurant first. Then go from there.

My app never works but searching the restaurant first in an incognito window in a browser other than Chrome is what works for me.

Then throw some salt over your shoulder, knock on wood, and turn around three times.

Good luck!


Also, I remember reading that a nearby QS place was also serving the Grey Stuff. That might have been only post-lockdown but before BOG opened. I’m only medium-interested in trying it, so that info didn’t completely stick in my brain, but maybe others can help.

When a thread title is a question, am I the only one that answers in my head without even reading the first post? My answer was “Yes, totally and completely.”

I always do it that way. And always on the app.

In fact I’m not sure exactly what the other way is, where you select the date first.

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I have found the most consistent way to get anything Disney website to load properly is in private mode which you can open a window from the settings or … in your browser. I sent my grandparents in their 80s and 90s explaining it for each web browser because they didn’t want ads aimed specifically from their cache. Let me know if you don’t know how to do it and I’ll go find those screen shots. Try different browsers if one doesn’t work like Chrome over Edge which is usually more consistent for me too but always always browse disneyworld.com in in private mode. The Disney parks blog is another one that won’t load for me a lot. Their tech is really awful. I lost a space 220 res once because of it when there was only 1.

Still Dinner times available but where did @stephyod get to? :man_shrugging:

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I tend to assume that when people disappear they were able to resolve their problem.

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That’s good positivity right there :joy:

Disney IT glitches are always a short term thing anyway right…

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