Disney Dining plan for two adults?

I’ve been to Disney many times, but i’ve never used the DDP. Since it’s just me and my husband, i’ve never really thought about it. We will be at Epcot for a full day, AK for a full day, and Hollywood Studios for a half day. However we will be at Disney for 5 days. We plan to graze the Arts Festival booths all day on our Epcot day. Do you think the DDP would have any value for us? The only two Table Service ADRs i have booked are San Angel Inn & Raglan Road at DS.

You can use snack credits and also convert WS credits to three snacks in the same transaction so IMO it is definitely worth it for festival booths!

We love Dining Plan and arenonly currently off it because our kids are “adults” now and eat like birds. I like that it’s all paid for aheadnof time and then we just eat what we like.

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What is WS credits? and how do you convert them to snack credits? I am going with my best friend and wondering if the dining plan would be worth it for the two of us as well. :smile:

I am doing a split stay next month with the deluxe plan for two nights and the regular plan for five. I am planning on using all of my snack credits in Epcot at the food booths. I may also trade a couple of QS credits for three items at a booth. I love the flexibility and value!

Did you mean QS?

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We used DDP for our four day trip in Oct-2018 for my 16yo hungry son and myself. Here is the breakdown:

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That is so helpful. Thank you. I have two over 21 children, so I am sure that it will be worthwhile.

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QS oops!

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Wasn’t your fault. I mean, who put that nasty W RIGHT NEXT to the Q on the keyboard? It is scandalous!


Can Table Service credits on the deluxe plan be converted to QS or snack credits? Haha, i’m just not sure we will be doing tons of table service… but i’m going to be eating ALLLLLLL the snacks :slight_smile:

The deluxe plan comes with 3 credits a day that can be used as a TS or QS. The issue is that a QS meal and drink would be about $20. A TS could be a buffet ($40-55 plus drink) or a meal with and entree, appetizer, dessert, and alcoholic beverage (could $60-90?). The best use for the deluxe plan is to have one 1 credit meal and one two credit meal a day.

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I like using the QS and snack credits at the booths in Epcot; however if you are going to be at Disney for 5 nights but only 2 TS ADRs - what would you do with the other 3 TS credits?

i will be a Disney for 4 nights… I’m thinking the QS dining plan might be my best bet. Here is my plan:

Monday: dinner at Raglan Road
Tuesday: QS breakfast at resort (spending the day at universal so won’t use other credits the rest of day)
Wednesday: QS breakfast at resort… snack at Epcot booths all day. Possible dinner at San Angel. (so 4 nights equals 8 snack credits for the whole trip right?)
Thursday: QS breakfast at resort, QS lunch at Flame Tree & QS dinner Satuli at AK
Friday: QS breakfast at resort, QS lunch at HS (not sure where yet)… leave for home that evening.

That’s a grand total of 2 Table Service meals & 7 QS meals. i would have 8 QS meals if i do the QS Dining plan right? and could use that final one on 3 snacks? I truly i believe i will get through all my snack credits on my Epcot day.

After typing this out, think the QS Dining Plan is my best option? and pay the 2 table service out of pocket?

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Looks like you’re doing a good job figuring it out. To determine if it REALLY is best would take another step: Figuring out what you will ACTUALLy eat at each of those meals, and what it will actually cost (menus and pricing can be found on-line). You may or may not find that it is cheaper to just pay out of pocket entirely. When my wife and I did the calculations, we just couldn’t make any of the dining plans cost effective for us. Others, however having found otherwise. Depends on your eating habits/choices.

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I think this guy’s video on each of the dining plan options is a good one. He basically says the quick service dining plan is never worth it, but the standard and deluxe dining plans can be if you do it right.

I think if your goal is to have it all paid for before your trip, just get the gift cards like people say and use it to pay for your meals. Otherwise, just pay out of pocket and you will probably save a good amount more money.

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