Disney Dining Circa 2004

I spent the morning reading my old dining and trip reports. Warmed my heart. This was back in the day when folks looked at you weird for taking pictures of your food.
And when photos had to be uploaded via PhotoBucket, and other sites.
We ate at 17 restaurants during a nine night stay at Poly. We booked the “Silver” plan and it included breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Thoughts on a few of them:

Yachtsmen Steakhouse - They have a variety of cuts of meat, which is what we love.
Lovely restaurant inside and out. Lovely Boardwalk setting. It gets busy there and it’s very loud, but the food is great. Ask to be in “Tall Susan’s” area. She’s a great server and remembered us from two years ago. (Still a fave.)

Artist Point - Husband had the Smoky Portobello Soup. He liked it. Portobello flavor wasn’t overpowering as portobellos can be. I had the Heirloom Tomatoes with Dungeness crab. It was sooooo good. Crab was fresh and they served me a nice portion. My pork chop was dry, but DH enjoyed the tenderloin.
(These days it’s a character meal, but think it’s still closed 'cause stupid Covid. Oh, and I have a new husband.)

Kona Cafe - pressed pot coffee and sticky wings were excellent. (There’s an awesome Hidden Mickey in this restaurant, or there was back then.)

LeCellier - Service was horribly slow. (Never been back there.)

California Grill - Incredible based on the view alone. It wasn’t stuffy at all. We saw folks in jeans and flip flops. Dungeness Crab California roll was excellent.
(I don’t eat sushi anymore.)

Cape May Cafe - Loved it. The characters were very playful. We saw Minnie, Chip and Goofy. The food was the best of all character meals. Best Mickey waffles by far.
(Don’t remember what was so great about them.)

Princess Storybook Breakfast - 8 out of 10. Would have been higher if the food was better. (But we didn’t really go there for the food.)

Hoop De Doo Review - Wow! What a great show! And the food was good - especially the fried chicken. (Reopen HDDR!!!)

Cinderella’s Royal Table - Total chaos, but worth it just to see Cindy-rel-lee.
(I have been trying to get a reservation there for 11 straight days)


Princess Storybook and Yachtsmen Steakhouse.


Minor detail


Lol! However, the old husband loved Disney far more than the new husband … but the new husband is a better husband. :rofl:


This was the highlight of your post for me :joy: It must be nice to look back. We never did TS till our 2016 trip.


I love this!!! I love looking backwards at old trips. I found my 2006 trip report a few months ago; it’s very long and I spent the whole trip worrying about money and my husband’s blood sugar. (Brittle type 1 diabetes – he has an insulin pump now, so it isn’t an issue any more!)

Then I found the paper diary from our 1998 trip!!! Absolute blast from the past!!! I loved CRT and wrote to the Unofficial Guide that it was the best part of planning ahead – and they published my quote in at least 2 issues after that. ROFL!! I wouldn’t do CRT now unless they were running a 75% off promo. :rofl: Character meals are just not a priority any more.