Disney, DD, DR and more

Last Christmas, my DD and I decided do a Mom/Daughter trip this Nov 2023 to the Dominican Republic to see friends and then tack on a Disney Trip (because it’s on the way home…sort of)

We tried the Calgary Westjet Airport Lounge for the first time…It was awesome! You can order through a QR code at your table and they bring you amazing drinks/appys.

First the DR…
Crazy drivers, beautiful beaches and opportunities to give back (we took groceries to a seniors home and sandwiches to give out at the dump) We also went to the Monkey Jungle!

DHS/Epcot PH Day
Using a combo of Standby Skipper and BG1, we were able to do everything on our DHS/Epcot to-do list minus RotR because it was down at RD and for our LL. We stayed at OKW overnight to get EMH both in the morning at DHS and late at Epcot. We got our GotG BG right at 6PM and were called 9:30PMish. Our Highlights included: Oga’s due to a super fun and engaging bartender who was completely in character; The Frozen Christmas show; Space Lounge 220; GotG (our new favourite ride) and Journey of Water at night. (so magical and interactive!)

We were completely exhausted after a 15 hour day at the parks but we planned for a restful morning the next day. Slept in, Olivia’s for a delicious breakfast, Disney Springs for shopping and to try the latest Dole Whip Flight at Swirls on the Water. (Chocolate/Salted Caramel, Pineapple, and Cherry/Pistachios)

After a leisure morning, we lined up for MVMCP about 3:20PM. There was already a crowd forming and so many behind us in line. We loved the party, it felt less crowded then our previous parties. We used BG1 to book Tron at 6PM and were called at 7:04PM. For a special memory, I booked the Dessert Party and my DD was so thrilled! It was everything I hoped it would be…magical and elegant! We did a few rides but really just enjoyed the ambiance of the evening. We also rode 7DMT near the end of the 2nd parade and it was a walk on. The Jingle Cruise and Monster’s Christmas Laugh show were classically cheesy but full of laughs and happy groans!

Overall a short 2 day Disney Trip but such a wonderful time to spend with my DD. So grateful for our time together!

(PS-We also spent some days at Universal this trip but I’ll post a report in that thread)


Sounds amazing!! 15 hours is a very long time!


I don’t think we would do that again! We usually take a break but decided to go hard core since we were there for such a short time.

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