Disney Cruises and Smoking

We have never cruised on DCL or any other cruise. Our family was considering trying one in 2023, but 3 of the 4 of us have really serious allergies to smoke. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience that would let us know if cruising is a terrible idea for us? DCL is pricey but seems to only allow outside smoking…is this accurate??? What about other cruise lines? Am I being paranoid??? Thanks :relaxed:

Only outside and only in specific areas.

I should add that DCL has a huge advantage in NOT having a casino. Every other line that has those allows smoking in most of their casinos with a small, NOT walled-off non-smoking section. And the smoke smell filters out around it.

Sadly there is no such thing as a smoke-free cruiseline.

That’s a good point about DCL not having casinos. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean several times. They limit outside smoking to one side (usually port/left) of the outdoor decks. You don’t want a cabin on the smoking side. Outside of the casino, all the interior areas are smoke-free, including staterooms and their balconies (but we’ve seen people smoke there). We don’t smoke, and it’s usually easy to avoid walking through the smoking areas. I think the policy on RCL is fairly typical of other, non-Disney, cruise lines. It applies to cigarettes as well as e-cigs. They do not allow cigars and pipes in the casino, only on the outdoor decks. Here is the RCL policy.


That makes sense about the casinos.

Have you all ever had any problem avoiding the smoke or did you notice it at all? We would not be casino goers so I think we might be able to avoid it, but with our allergies to smoke and asthmatics I’m just nervous .

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The only times we have ever noticed the smell of smokers, were up on the main pool deck, walking from one end of the ship to the other and accidentally walking along the smoking side (port side). There is very good air movement outside on a ship, especially when it is underway. We only noticed the smell and sight of many ashtrays, as well as people smoking, but never a smoky haze like you used to see inside bars years ago. That smell was very localized, right in the area of the smoking section, it did not creep out and take over the whole pool deck. Again, it’s outdoors and there is plenty of air movement. You quickly learn which side to choose when walking the length of the ship on the pool deck. There is usually another level of outdoor deck above the outer edges of the pool deck. That did not have any smoking areas on it, so you could walk a lap outdoors without passing through a smoking area.

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Thank you so much for the intel :blush:

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My one gripe with DCL is to get to the top deck adult section on Dream Class (where Satellite Falls is) and remain outside, you have to walk by the smoking area because the stairs are right there. I have NO CLUE why they could not change it to Port Side away from the stairs. But as long as you remember to go inside and up the stairs there you’re fine.

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  • not looking to argue-

but as a smoker I am constantly scratching my head as to where disney puts the designated smoking areas…Seriously why they moved MK from back behind the resort launches to in front of the bus stops boggles my mind.

My suggestion is open air rooftop access lounge 21+ older 2 drink or $25 cover charge per day….it would pay for itself in a month.

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This is about the cruise line. Not the parks.

On my DCL cruise on the Dream in October I never saw a smoker.

They are there. But they are much more likely to keep to their limited areas on DCL than other lines. (The lack of a casino which typically allows it helps a lot.)