Disney Cruise vs Walt Disney World? Help!

My family and I are trying to plan our first Disney experience in January 2016. I keep going back and forth between WDW and a Disney Cruise. My husband and I are 36, we have two small kids who will be (just turned) 3 and 4 when we go (both are potty trained), and my in-laws are coming too- they are 66. My question is, would a Disney Cruise or WDW be a better choice? We have 4 nights 5 days set aside for our vacation. Any help deciding would be greatly appreciated!!!

Much as I love cruising, I think a trip to WDW would be a better choice for a first experience, especially with kids at that age–there’s so many iconic things you can do to create life-long memories and the weather will certainly be in your favor that time of year!

I loved our cruise on the Dream as well, but with those ages and for a first trip I would choose the parks as well.

I agree with @mascardofamily and @Wahoohokie and I can’t believe I am cause I ADORE Disney Cruises - but if you can’t add a few days to your vacation to do both then I would pick WDW - especially cause it’s your first time!

I’d choose WDW since it is your first visit, but I’d strongly recommend you try DCL in the future. It is absolutely amazing!

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