Disney credit card question

I was thinking about applying for the Disney credit card and was hoping to get some advice. First off what is the real difference between the preferred card and the basic one besides the annual fee? It didn’t look like you received any other benefits that the basic one did except the initial money back you get for spending $500. I am mostly looking to do it for the 6 months of no interest, I don’t use cards normally so how does that work after the 6 months does the interest accrue from the original balance if you don’t fully pay it off at the 6 months like some other offers or does the interest just start running when you hit the 6 month mark? Any info you could share would be helpful, I did read up on the perks so I think I pretty much have that down. thanks

The difference is that you get more reward points on the one with an annual fee. We are in the process of getting rid of ours. The rewards are dreadfully slow and we haven’t paid for a trip on it so I can’t comment on the six months no interest question. I generally don’t think it’s worth it myself but that’s just my opinion.

We switched to the SW card to get 50K miles which pays for our plane tickets this year and the rewards are significantly better and add up faster in my opinion.

I got it simply because I could put my Disney vacation on it interest free for 6 months.

If I remember correctly, you also cannot use the Disney Dollars toward airline tickets with the basic Disney credit card; you can only do so with the premier card. We use ours for nearly all of our purchases, so our Disney Dollars rack up fairly quickly. But I am finding that there are a number of cards out there that have much better rewards. (They just don’t have the awesome Disney pictures on them.)

I have the basic, which I only use for the Disney benefits. My main card is the SW card. For trips if you book a package you get 6 months interest free. You can put down the $200 deposit and you have six months- the next month make a $100 payment and you get six months for that amount. It allows you to break up an amount- spread it out- interest free. Before my AP I often used the discount for items over $50 in the World of Disney. I have had this card for almost 10 years and I have never seen a negative in having it.

I also have the basic. We use it to pay for the trip over the 6 months interest free (if you don’t pay it off in 6 months the interest is charged from the time of the purchase). There is no annual fee, and we always pay it off in the 6 month window, so I have seen no downside to having it. Like others have said, my main card is the Southwest card because I get more out of the points.

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I have the premier card and I use it mainly for airfares, actually. I pay for all things Disney (3pts/), and my gas (2pts/) with it and then use the points toward airfares (you can use it toward ANY airfare… anywhere, any date, any airline… you just book with the card and then redeem your points as a statement credit). I never use the points toward Disney purchases, because then I’m not earning any points! I have a Chase Sapphire card that I use for everything else because I get more points and it’s got a cash-back option.