Disney Cookbook

Has anyone purchased one of the F&W cookbooks in the past? I see they are doing one big book this year with F&W, F&G, and Holidays around the world so thought about picking up a few as presents when we go in December. Not really sure where they sell them and if they are worth the (probably higher than normal) price.


I'm going to need that. I hope they have some left when I get there in late Nov. This may end up being a must buy pre trip online. I also know what we are having for dinner tonight!

Oh ... is there a chance they could sell out? Are they that good?

Well carp. Adding that to my budget... Lol.

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I've never purchased one, but it looks like it will be a great book. The blog link says it is coming out in September. If anyone finds out if the books become available online, keep us posted! Just found out that Verlasso Salmon (used in recipe on link) is a sustainable farm-raised brand of salmon, and rated a good "alternative" by Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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