“Disney Collection” rules now apply to DL resorts

For anyone who might want to use their DVC points to book hotel rooms at the DL Resort hotels, you will now be charged a $95 transaction fee and have to make the booking at least 4 months before the end of your use year.

Those were previously waived because it was so hard to book a DVC room at VGC. With the extra DVC rooms now at VDH the standard rules now apply.

It’s explained here:

Edit: this is only if you book a hotel room, not if you book a DVC room. Similar to if you book POR using DVC points.

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Wait what?

This is for VGC and VDLH?

Or am I misunderstanding?

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Not for DVC rooms, just for the hotel rooms. Like if you book POR or POP with DVC points.

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Oh. Ok. I would never do that anyway :rofl::rofl:

Phew! That was a close call for rageyness :rofl:


Is rageyness a word? :wink:

Clearly not because my autocorrect is changing it to “eagerness”. But I like it, must try and remember to use it.

And yes, it’s not a good use of points but some people do it. Like booking cruises with points.


I typed it, so yes :rofl: