Disney Christmas Week

Will be visiting Disney from Dec 23-26 staying offsite. I understand a TP will be critical this week. Looking for some tips to help build my current TP, specifically MK. Using the Crowd Calendar I currently have scheduled Dec 23 - MK, Dec - 24 AK, Dec 25 - HS, Dec 26 EP. Total of 3 adults a 6yr old and 3 teens.

Get there early and know going into it you won’t be able to do everything.

Most of all, have fun :slight_smile:

Start with a TP that includes everything you want to do on a particular day. Include your FPP’s, breaks and meals/snacks. Optimizing will let you know if you can add or need to subtract from your plan. Ideally leave a little free time on your plan to account for unforeseeable things and- in the event that you don’t need that time- you can fill it with more fun.

Thanks for all the responses. What can I expect for FP selections? I’ll be 30 days out tomorrow. At what time are new FP reservations available. I’m sure most popular attractions will not be available.

TP had that covered too. Voila http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/fastpass-availability

Thanks @Sam2071. @Lentesta can you take a look at my MK plan and tell me if this will work. My first time using a TP and haven’t visited disney since I was a kid.