Disney Christmas sweaters of sweatshirts

Wondering if people might know of some websites that ship to Canada and have Disney Christmas shirts. I was going to get my sister to pick up the ones from a Disney store in her province but could not justify spending 80 bucks ( 240 in total for 3 of us). I did get her to pick up the Mickey Christmas stocking caps lol. Wanting them to wear to MVMCP on dec 10. We arrive in the 7th so I could wait until we get there but I like to have everything planned in advanced lol. We are use to going every August but am assuming would needs something warmer then a T-shirt for the evening? Thanks.

You should take a spin through Etsy. There are TONS of Disney shirts there that are really cute.

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Agree, etsy! There are even sellers who will ship you just the decals so you can iron them onto whatever shirt you want. And still others sell digital files that you can print onto those Avery iron on sheets, using an ink jet printer. That would work fine with sweatshirts or hoodies. When you search, screen for shops located in Canada. The shipping cost for things like decals that need to ship flat is always high when stuff comes from the US.

I’ve made a couple of shirts for everyone in our family doing iron ons. I just bought inexpensive tees at Old Navy.

Gap also has a few Mickey designs right now. Can’t remember if there’s anything Christmassy.

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