Disney Channel Fan Fest

Wondering if anyone was at Disneyland for last year’s Disney Channel Fan Fest (May 12 2018) and has a sense of what kinds of crowds can be expected with the event? It’s April 27 at DCA this year, which coincides with our trip to the parks, and am wondering how to best plan our time around this.

I haven’t been, but my sense is that the crowd that it draws is very localized to the event (I think it’s Hollywoodland) and isn’t a huge draw. I could be totally wrong, but I don’t remember last year hearing about any issues with crowds for the Fan Fest.

The crowd calendar for last year shows that DCA was predicted to be a 7 for that day, turned out to be an actual 8 (based on wait times) and it was also a Grad Nite.

This year it looks like they’ve moved it to be before the Grad Nites start & currently DCA is predicted to be a 2. I personally don’t think the event will draw crowds on its own to bump that to a 7/8 so I think you’ll be fine. But again, this is all just guesswork based on my lack of hearing that it impacted crowds in a meaningful way last year.

And even if it does, DCA’s walkways are much wider to help you from feeling clustered in like across the way at Disneyland.

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Thanks for the input!! Very helpful

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