Disney CEO Bob Chapek Pulled from Destination D23 Appearance Out of Fear

Any ideas? Like…maybe…Joe Rohde? :slight_smile: I know he left…but maybe he could be swayed to return to take the top spot?

I’m not enamored by D’Amaro. He is a pretty face, but has been part of the machinations just as much as Chapek has.

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I will agree with this. His pretty face and tight jeans have gotten him the pass.

I’m kind of giving him the benefit of the doubt. I know a lot of cast members think very highly of him, which says something I think. They did not have the same opinion of Chapek when he ran the Parks division.

I think Chapek is the real problem here…and the jury is still out on Josh…


Could be. I just worry that Josh would bring more of the same. Or, at least, not enough visioneering to make much of a difference.

I do think Josh has the potential to perhaps unravel some of the messy things that affect each park-goers total experience. Then again, he’s already in charge of that now, and look what is happening.

Could be that D’Amaro has some good ideas, and Chapek isn’t listening or letting him do them, though.

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I share your concerns about Josh - I just have heard good things which makes me not want to rush to judgement. And I also get the sense that as CEO, Chapek is more hands on with parks than Iger ever was.

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He wasn’t always that way. Josh, I mean. But I think they infused him with the bad man juice and it’s beginning to work. I wonder if it can be reversed.

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I agree, of he is listened to and remembers this might be a key part of his job.

:joy: somehow I missed the jeans!