Disney castle art

My daughter presented my wife with art she painted herself of the Disney castle for Mother’s day. Here is the result. Enjoy!


Wow! That’s fabulous!!

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It is beautiful!

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That’s amazing!


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Wow! She is very talented!!

I have posted this elsewhere, but this is another Disney piece she did quite a while ago.

She loves art, but is entirely self taught. Hopefully she’ll start taking some art classes next year at the community college.


WOW! Love it!

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Its beautiful – thank you so much for sharing!

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Wow! Impressive, most impressive! Seriously that is beautiful!

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wow, gorgeous!

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Wow! That’s amazing!

Maybe she could be do a show like Bob Ross and paint “Happy little castles.”

That would make a lot of people around here smile, I’m sure. :smile:

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Wow she is amazingly talented!