Disney Car Care Center

As I’m looking into plans for my trip in august, I’m finding flights to MCO still high and I’m considering a flight to Tampa, and renting a car for a day or two to drive from there/food shop and then dropoff a the Car Care center.
I’ve never done this as the last time I rented a car we dropped it off at the Swan pre covid.
I’m having a little trouble with every company I’m looking at, recognizing the address of the car care center as a place for dropping off a rental.
Has anyone done something similar recently? I could use some guidance!

I think they only have Enterprise, Alamo, and National

Address: 1000 West Car Care Drive, Bay Lake, FL 32830

Is that what you’re using?

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Yes, I’ve looked at Alamo just done a general search through Priceline as well. It doesn’t seem to be listed as a drop-off area in the searches I’ve done. I don’t know why. It’s weird!

Ok, if I go under alamos website and search bay lake it shows up but the actual address won’t search

Try searching “Disney”?

That’s just annoying

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