Disney Call Center Customer Service - WTF?

I just had the worst and most bizarre experiences with Disney customer service. First off all, I called four times. The first three times they left me on hold, but instead of picking up the call they sent me directly to the survey. Three times in a row. :face_with_peeking_eye::flushed::roll_eyes:

The fourth call there was no hold music, no indicator of how long I would be on hold. Just silence. I stayed on the line just to see what would happen. After about ten minutes I started getting heavy static and I could tell someone had picked up the phone. I started saying “hello? hello?” All of a sudden a woman’s voice came on the line. Except the person wasn’t talking to me. She was on a different call. It was so bizarre, I grabbed my husband’s phone and started recording. For nine minutes I listened to a woman rant about not being paid fairly, being made to do more because she doesn’t have kids, a hostile work environment - all kinds of stuff. Then just like that, I was transferred back to the Disney survey.

I didn’t get the impression she was referring to Disney in the conversation. At one point she said

“I’m being kicked out of the pharmacy because I stink?”

Sounds to me like she works from home, and didn’t know her Disney line was live.
I want to do something about it because it’s not cool. Automatically transferring me instead of picking up the call is completely unprofessional. And the rest of it is just off the rails unprofessional. And I still can’t get anyone to answer.

By the way, the last three times they sent me to the survey I gave every question one star. That will raise some eyeballs …


I found this number on my reservation - 407-939-1936 and got through within just a few minutes. However, the rep kept referring to me as “sweetheart”, which was irritating.


Well this is a Twilight Zone kind of experience. :flushed: That does not seem normal at all. :thinking:


Disney believes in giving us an immersive experience. :rofl:


They are just trying to lower the bar of your expectations. :grimacing:


I find being called sweetheart endearing, not irritating! (Particularly works if they have a southern accent!)

But…the other part of your story sounds like some very major technical glitches gone awry!


I don’t mind it in a casual conversation, but in the workplace I think it’s unprofessional. I am also the person who doesn’t like how the CM’s refer to us as “friends.” I guess I’m just a crotchety old bird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmm. That’s usually me! :grin:


I had a very similar experience with the calls going straight to the survey, no hold music, etc minus the crazy overheard convo. I think they are outsourcing a lot of their call center help to remote workers vs call centers. I eventually got through to a really awesome lady, but again it was silence and then I heard some noise and kept saying “hello hello” until she replied.


Honestly, it’s different when you’re a woman and ‘sweetheart’ is SO OFTEN used as a condescending term whether you’re 12 or 50 and only occasionally used as a term of endearment. As someone who waitressed for 12 years and was constantly referred to by old men as “sweetheart” “darling” “doll.” It loses it’s cuteness really quickly and is a huge pet peeve/red flag to me.

Only call me sweetheart if you know me and love me or you’re a grandma.


Quick way to get on my shit list

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This is exactly how it felt.


I tend to call a lot of people “hun”. I generally only call kids sweetheart and it’s in the most sincere way.