Disney buying Fox studios

Really interested to see what happens with this, now that Disney owns pretty much every character out there with this new acquisition. For example, The Simpsons are at Universal Studios, will they now be removed ? Will Disney now have a Simpsons area? A Moe’s Tavern?

I may be shut out of this conversation, but I for all I am worth I hope to never see Bart Simpson in a Disney Park…


I have to imagine that there are licenses in place to allow the current usage of Fox Studios characters to continue as they are, though it would be interesting to know for sure how that would work. Would such licenses expire at some point? Would Disney be willing to renew them?

I agree with @qwerty6, I would not like to see the Simpsons at WDW. Nothing against the show, but I don’t think they mesh well with the mouse.


New HS Signs. (Itchy?!!)

Remember, we are in the Itchy Lot.

I am praying this isn’t a hoax as its not on all the sites reporting on these.


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Speculations are that Disney will sell of the Simpsons.

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I heard that as well. I’m betting too that universal will keep what they have, they just won’t be able to build any new

Oh, I completely agree with you.

Well, when they bought Marvel, USF and IOA still kept all their Marvel themed stuff. I assume it will be the same for the Fox properties. Disney may double up on them, but I’m sure there’s something in place so USF doesn’t have to dump all those rides.