Disney Buffets with Kids

I am going to WDW with DD10 and DS 3, we are staying on property so Disney has all our DOB info. I am just wondering if we could get away with paying the kids price for the buffet for DD10…she eats like a bird. Not to mention DS3’s picky eating habits. We are planning on 3 buffets Biergarten(DH wants to do this one), Chef Mickeys and Ohana. Perhaps this is ultimately a strange question because I’m essentially asking if I can cheat Disney but just wondering what everyones experience has been.

When I made reservations on MDE, I only had to input who in my party was going for CRT because the full amount is charged at the time of booking (it was something like $79 pp, but my DD was under 3, so she wasn’t charged). I had the option of putting in everyone’s name for the other reservations, but didn’t for most of them. I don’t even remember how the CM knew DD was not yet 3 at CM’s. We never had to check in with MB at restaurants. So I guess you could just say she’s 9 when you get to the restaurant: party of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids. That being said, I don’t know if I’d “cheat” Disney. I’d be afraid of bad vacation karma…

I would think the downside of showing your DD it is ok to lie to bend the rules would outweigh the cost savings here…


Point well made! We are ultimately paying for the entertainment at these venues not just the food. Hoping I can at least bring the left overs home!

The only way the buffet cashier would know your daughter’s date of birth is if you charge your meal to your MagicBand. If you hand them your credit card or plunk down cash (probably not advisable to carry THAT much money), they have no way of knowing.

When I booked Cinderella’s for my daughter, I had to call due to issues with my MDE account, and the receptionist just asked for my daughter’s age. And in the wee morning hours, I just gave her current age at that time (9), even though she was going to have a birthday during the 180 days until our trip. I later realized my error, but decided to leave it as a “little white lie” because after seeing the menu, I knew my daughter would prefer the “Royal Chicken Nuggets” over what was on the adult menu.

Thanks for the feedback.

We did one today. I assumed my 10yr old would be charged adult since that’s his age in the Disney system and he was on my ADR. When the bill came, he was charged kid price. He ate the kid food anyway. I didn’t correct it and I’m okay with that.