Disney Bliss

My bliss moment was when I finally snagged EMM tickets for our group of 11 at TSL. I had been watching them and debating about it for a couple of months, and then the availability disappeared. I didn’t realize how much I had wanted to do it until I felt the disappointment of not being able to go. I continued to check each day, and then MAGICALLY they made more available! You’d better believe I snagged them super fast! I was on a Disney high for a few days!


We’re doing Saturday at 11am.


Good luck!!!
Darn, just read you didn’t get them… sorry!

My bliss moment was seeing my kids’ faces as they watched the parade, especially the dragon. It was worth all the money and planning just for that moment, I actually cried because it was exactly as good as I imagined it would be.


This is what used to happen on the Disney Cruise too! We were there for one of the first shows when it launched. We were waiting outside for the doors to open and one of the CMs approached him and asked if he liked Star Wars. Next thing we knew, he was entering the theater from the back in his Jedi robe with 11 other kids. It was a definite highlight of the trip for us!


We went with our 2 year old in January and stayed off-site so we had decided FOP was off the table for us. But on our 2nd AK day, we used our anytime for KS (the 2nd time) so I had a FP to modify at the 11:01 drop and got FOP. I had to be quiet since the Nemo show was beginning, but I wanted to stand up and shout!
DH was excited, but not nearly impressed enough with my Disney skillz. :wink:


@ryan1, I just had to update you. The project is completed and turned in, and Equus, along with a properly edited photo, is on his timeline. We are hoping he doesn’t get suspended. :slight_smile:


As long as he’s properly applying “Naked and Afraid” editing to the photo…hopefully that will keep him from anything worse than a detention! :wink: