Disney Bingo Cards

So, for @1st_trip_Dad and other Liners who are heading to the World and haven’t seen these BINGO cards…TA-DAAAHHH! Hope you can use these and enjoy them! :smiley:

I don’t know if I put this in the right place or not so someone can move it if necessary. I was thinking we could have a place where Liners can post documents and such to share with other Liners - like the MPL and schedules and such. It could be titled “Sharing With Liners” and then could have sub-categories like “Bingo Cards,” “schedules,” “master packing list,” “books,” “pins and lanyards,” and “SOTMK cards.” What do you think?


Thanks so much! These are hilarious. Just look for me if you need to check off the “giant dessert and Diet Coke” box :smile:

They were suggestions from Liners from a thread that lasted a few days and I just put them together. Aren’t they great, though, @kellybelle!? :wink: I always seem to have the “giant dessert and Diet Coke” covered, as well. :smile:

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Thank you @totalkid! That’s awesome… random cat? interesting…

I reached out to @totalkid and she gave me the links! See if these work:


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