Disney at 28 weeks pregnant

Leaving in 17 days and I will be 28 weeks pregnant. Any tips?

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Stay hydrated! All that walking, if you aren’t hydrated, you’ll be contracting for sure.

Good luck!

Rest,eat,rest,drink :slight_smile: I did a solo trip with ds4 last dec, 33 weeks prego… Lots of resting, stay off crazy rides and enjoy!!

Thanks y’all!! 16 more days can’t wait!

Ive never been pregnant ,but ive heard from a lot of places some tips.
First, Talk to your doctor if they have any types of rides you specifically should skip
Second, Avoid all rides that are suggested against for pregnant women on Disney signs
Third, Like everyone else has said, Stay Hydrated!
Fourth, Schedule or allow for a break even before you really need it

Good luck! I live in South GA and was pregnant in the kind of heat you’ll have in FL. I was not drinking enough, and almost had to deliver early because of it. Everything turned out ok, but the dr explained that the water surrounding the baby in the womb helps to keep the cord nice and loose and floating around. Too little fluid and things can get too tight too fast, which is all to say,
And definitely seek out air conditioning, often. Good luck!!! And have fun!!! And you know, I think baby is craving a Mickey Bar – gotta give the kid what he/she wants!


Oh there will be plenty of Mickey Bars :). I live in Forida so I am use to this crazy heat and humidity. I did buy me a water bottle to take in the parks with me and Frogg Toggs.