Disney AP Discounts on Merchandise

I recently was reading some items from another facebook site and it was told to me that most Disney stores no longer give AP discounts. Is this true? A link I went to said many stores still do but that is not the common consences. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/passholder-program/passholder-benefits-and-discounts/merchandise-discounts/ This is the link I found and I noticed that quite a few places say they give 10-20% discounts. Restaurants state they do as well. Has this recently discountined because that is one of the reasons I bought an AP

If you are talking about stores within the Disney parks, yes they all have 20% discount for APs. Disney Springs is another story, since most stores there aren’t owned by Disney. However, most provide 10% off or some other sort of benefit (special sale or coupon).

Definitely still get the 20% in all the stores in the parks (except many places in world showcase at Epcot) We easily saved a few hundred this last trip…although it was kind of annoying being the only one with an AP and dragged over to stores so family could get the discount :crazy_face: I really should have charged them all a cut of my AP cost since they got the benefit of free parking, memory maker, and discounts.