Disney Announces Major Reorganization of Entertainment Divisions to emphasize streaming

Disney just announced a major reorganization of its entertainment divisions to emphasize streaming. This affects three business divisions, Direct to Consumer & International, Media Networks, and Studio Entertainment.

The fourth Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products segment will remain under the leadership of Josh D’Amaro and is not part of this reorganization.

It will be interesting to see what Disney continues to plan to do next.

Very interesting. I personally don’t think that how Mulan did as a pay for streaming should influence them. I think they should try it out with MCU movies. We weren’t interested in Mulan, but are interested in the MCU.

I completely agree with you. They would get a much better gauge of how this could work if they were to take something with a broader appeal, {cough}Black Widow{cough}, and maybe space the time out a little further between the “Premier Access” and when it will stream for all on Disney+. Will it make as much as what they could get in the theaters? Probably not. Will this make them focus on creating greater content in hopes of getting there? I would hope so.

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Definitely not, because you can watch over and over. In theaters, their sales go up because people go back to watch more than once. DH and I may be some of those people…

LOL! This ^^^

Keep in mind the theatres keep half of the ticket sales. I think it would be possible for Disney to make more streaming a movie if it was a movie with broader appeal and less controversy before it was released.

That’s a good point. Let’s say $5.50 of a $10 ticket is for the studio and $4.50 is what is just being tacked on by the theater. The studio will always get their cut as well as the theater. In this new scenario, the studio takes 100%, the full $10. If they sell as many downloads as they do the number of people that generally see a movie once in the theater, probably won’t but it may be more like 50% to 75% because of larger families getting together to watch, they can almost count that as them seeing it twice in a traditional theater scenario. Definitely interesting stuff to think about. Also, please keep in mind that I don’t really know how this all works and am an idiot when it comes to math :laughing:

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True. I think they have factored the larger groups and multiple viewing into it a bit as the price is about $30. That would cover several tickets at the theatre.