Disney and phones

With genie+ and everything else it looks like MDE is more important than ever for a smooth trip experience. Do people find the newness of their phones has a big impact? I have a slightly older iPhone (8) and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth upgrading before the trip.

Based on my experience, I would recommend to install ALL the apps you want for vacation and make sure the phone runs smoothly. As long as you can run them at a regular speed, you should be ok.

The bigger issue I’ve found is waterproofing (or water resistance), and the lack of phone repair options on site at Disney.

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I highly recommend a reallly good/powerful portable battery charger. There are tons available on Amazon. We like our Anker chargers but others have favorites that work great.

During our trip earlier this month, my phone hit 20% by early afternoon. It probably didn’t help that the wifi was all wonky that weekend (thanks Disney) so I suspect the phone was working harder than normal to be connected.


Yes, definitely planning on having a couple of those

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I have the same phone as you. I bring a charger and that’s all I seem to need

If your phone still has its original battery, it’s a good idea to check battery health before you go.

I generally keep my iPhones for at least 2 years but its battery life starts to sputter at ~1 year old; since I’m not usually out all day it really doesn’t matter.

For our last Orlando Trip (Dec ‘19), my battery health wasn’t great so I just had replaced it at the Apple store. It’s generally $49 to replace a battery if your iPhone is out of warranty.


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MDE just sucks. The phone don’t matter :joy: I have the latest - iPhone 13 Pro, I had to force quit the app a ridiculous amount of times this last trip. I wasn’t the only one - my friend had a new Samsung and had to do same​:crazy_face:


This is comforting :sweat_smile: I assumed as much but wanted verification.

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Park wifi can be a problem too. I usually end up using my provider and turning off wifi so it’s not constantly trying to connect.

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