Disney After Hours

With tonight being the first night, I’m just wondering if anyone out there actually bought one of these tickets? If so I’d love to hear feedback after tonight!

They invited DVC to go FOR FREE as long as they preregistered for the event. This after people spent money to buy ticket entry.

Of course it must not have sold as well as they expected or they would never have done it.

I’m looking forward to hearing from someone who went - DVC or paid.

My friend is there tonight (she paid, not DVC). I’ll report back when I hear what she thought.

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Please do. I’d like to hear what ride lines were like. Where they all walk-on?
On the other hand, this being the first night of the event, I wonder if it will be more crowded on future nights. The only way we’d know how last night may compare to future nights is if we knew if it was sold or if not, how far from sold out was it. And I’m sure we’ll never get that info.

See above, wherein they were trying to get more attendees by offering free admission to DVC members. I’m thinking it was very very quiet…

Can’t wait to hear!

Either that or they added the DVC folks to make it look even more popular.

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If that’s the case then wow would it have been empty.

I am reading reports on another site about a MAX wait time of 5 minutes, but a more common experience after the event began of total walk on and offers by cast members to stay on and ride again because no line. One person is reporting having ridden 15 rides during the event time in addition to using FPP in the few hours before the event to ride 6 others.

Mickey bars and waters are reported to have been flowing freely. One person reported leaving the park with 5 waters to enjoy during the rest of her trip.

I still don’t think it’s worth $149

I probably wouldn’t pay that either, however, I have zero doubt that if it meant walk-on rides there are plenty who would.

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She said everything was walk on and there was hardly anyone there. She stayed until close. It was reported as sold out once they let DVC come for free. She didn’t think it was worth the money, as it didn’t feel special like a party. She said it felt just like a normal evening in MK (minus the crowds).
I think it would be amazing if you had a limited amount of time to go to the parks. You could literally do all of MK in a 3 hour period. Perfect for those who want to just ride, ride, ride and avoid people.

So this is part of what I wonder though:

We all love lower crowds.

But isn’t there some level of crowd that would be important to have in order for it to feel fun??

Probably. But I do know that last Easter we saw very few people in Fantasyland late, and it was awesome!

I wonder if this possibly shortens peoples on site stays?
If they are planning a weeks vacation and they can now do MK in one day plus an After Hours ticket, and use 3 more days for EP, HS & AK, do they only visit DW for 4 days and spend the other 3 at Universal? Do they move off site to recoup that $149?

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