Disney After Hours..Sell Outs?

I plan to participate in the 28-July-18 Disney After Dark at WDW. Since it is expensive, I don’t want to pay too far in advance, just in case something derails my plans.

Do these things sell out? If so, how long in advance should I pay?

I don’t want to get shut out BUT don’t want to commit until closer to time.


Do you mean the Disney After House? If so, there are a limited number of slots so I think its recommended to book ASAP. Are you wanting to do multiple of this event?

Yes, Disney After Hours.

I am not sure what you mean by multiples?

You said you were going June 28 - July 16, does this mean you are going to 1 event for your trip?

28-July-18 is government version of July 28, 2018.


We did this in January. It didn’t sell out then, but July could be different since it will be warmer at night. I would buy the tickets as soon as you decide for sure, as long as you’re willing to possibly miss out if it sells out in the meantime.

We loved it.

Ah no worries! I just suck at reading today. I have the party booked for June 28th and I don’t remember what they said for a cancellation party. I don’t see anything on the website, I would just call and ask.

I would be interested to hear if the 28-June party is a sell out.