Disney After Hours questions


They are not in high demand. In fact I have heard of some folks offering money to take them off their hands.


Hmm. Okay then. There goes THAT idea! :wink:


While I know the environments are going to be very different, here on the west coast, we are already bracing ourselves for the SWGE storm. When they finished Pixar Pier and Incredicoaster retheming, they had a premier party at over $300 a pop! Quite a bit of money for nothing new, just a rethemed area. It got people buzzing about what they will charge for something like that for SWGE. They also have “themed” DAH in DL and one was a Star Wars theme. It sold out so fast that they added another. Now keep in mind, this was WITHOUT SWGE. I can only imagine the craziness that will ensue once they release the beast! I think Disney made a mistake open SWGE in DLR first. DLR simply does not have the infrastructure to handle the crowds that they are predicting. With so many people who have to the “firsts” to do/try these types of things, DLR is going to be a madhouse. I think it will be crazy at WDW too, but they are better equipped to handle the masses. At any rate this whole thing is going to be a really interesting social experiment.


@profmatt, I saw somewhere else that during DAH AK there is Rivers of Light, is that an extra show for just DAH or is it the one that normally shows before park closing


Yes. Apparently it is very sparsely attended and you can sit anywhere you like. I didn’t go.