Disney After Hours impact on my TP?

I apologize if there’s been a lot of discussion re. this, but I just heard the news. Two of my three MK dates in May are affected by this. Has there been any talk about how this might impact the accuracy of the TP? The plans are all based on historical data, but this new wrench in the works is new.

The question that needs to be answered first is how many tickets are involved in this “limited” offer - and how many people will actually go. If the numbers are the same as for either of the holiday parties, then I would expect the park to start getting unusually crowded between 7:00 PM and closing, so lines during that time period will be longer than “historical” numbers. If the number of tickets really is limited, or if most people say no way to the price, then there will probably be a minimal impact.

Based on early reports, it sounds like a pretty exclusive event where I wouldn’t expect it to greatly affect touring for those not taking advantage of it. First report I saw was 3,000 and the most recent was 500 - I think the parties are more on the order of 30K aren’t they? If the estimates of 500 to 3K are correct, this should be a non-event at affecting others…

This is exactly what I’m wondering. We’re going in late April and, since we’re staying offsite, I haven’t been able to make FPP reservations yet. I was thinking about switching my MK day to another day to just avoid the whole situation…but I’m annoyed because I’ll lose some of my ADRs. What would you do? Keep it your MK day for the Thursday that “Disney After Hours” is happening…it’s currently listed as a 4 on TP. OR switch it to a Tuesday where the CL is a 5 and there won’t be this “Disney After Hours” question mark?

We’re kind of stuck, the two days it affects can’t be changed. However, if I had the freedom to move, I would. What are the ADRs?

When are your ADRs? Dinner I presume? What hours are you planning on being in MK? Before 7PM this shouldn’t affect you at all. I’d look at what you’re planning on accomplishing between 7 to 10 (or 7 to 11 depending on the day) and deciding. If you have an ADR at 7 - it won’t affect you much. If you’re arriving at the park at 6 and are hoping to ride a ton of rides, it could be a big deal depending. But, if the reports of ticket sales are correct, it doesn’t sound like a big impact right now and I’d weather the storm and stick with your preferred ADRs.

Good luck…

My guess would be that the first few events will have the lowest # of tickets sold, maybe 1500-3000. Then, once the word gets out about how empty and awesome it is they will ramp up sales until the last date which will be around 10,000. By the next round, maybe next year or even summer, everyone will have forgotten that the later reports weren’t as favorable because those aren’t the reports you’ll get when you Google it.

We were planning on being there ALL DAY. I have an pre-RD ADR for BOG on both Tuesday and Thursday (when I made them I wasn’t sure which day we would go and I almost dropped the Tuesday one, but I’m glad I haven’t yet). I also have a ADR at the Plaza at 7:40 pm, but I’m not married to that one. I’d rather do LTT, but my husband isn’t excited about eating “New England style food” (his words) since that kind of food isn’t unique for us being that we’re in the Northeast. I had heard good things about LTT though. We’re only doing one full day in MK. We’re pretty much doing one park, one full day.

My guess is with that schedule you’ll have done what you really want to early and with a late ADR you’ll be eating/resting around the time the After Hours might have an impact. I doubt you will be impacted enough to bother changing your plans given that.

I’d be much more worried if you were showing up late at MK that day. As it is, you’ll have around 11 hours at MK before the After Hours folks can even show up…

There’s also the possibility that people who might have gone, say in the afternoon for the rest of the day, will hold off and buy the ticket that gives them extra hours. You might actually find the morning and afternoon are not too bad for you.