Disney after hours at Hollywood Studios- Who has gone and what your opinion? Is it worth it?

Going down next week and DW is not a big HS fan (will not go on SDD ever again) but DD14 loves RNR &SDD. I was thinking instead of spending time there that DW would not enjoy, DD14 & I would do the after-hours event while DW gets to relax back at the room.

Is it worth the price for a half dozen rides?

Whether it’s worth it or not is a really subjective question. If you really like the hand full of rides on offer, and you want to ride them multiple times without waiting (long), then yes it is worth it. If you’re hoping to ride ToT (since it has reduced capacity for now) or SDD without waiting 1.5-2 hrs, then yes it may be worth it.

HS is by far my least favorite park. That’s a big part of why I did DAH. Get in, do a bunch of rides, and get out in 3 hours. Done. That way, we didn’t waste an entire day, or even half a day, there.

We did it in March, when crowds were at a 9 or 10 for the day. If we had tried to ride all of those rides, it would have taken us all day to do it. We finished ToT, SDD (x2), TSM (x2), ASS, Star tours in about 1.5 hours and then just walked around and ate lots of popcorn and ice cream. You could easily do 10-15 rides during the 3 hr window if you wanted to, but my 4 year old was done after 7 rides.

In a nutshell, yes I would do it again and it was worth the price to me.

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All the popcorn you can eat. Of course it’s worth it!! Popcorn!!!

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Yes, it is worth it. I did it in late March with my teens who love the rides at HS. The park was very empty and it was a great experience.

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“Worth it” is definitely subjective, dependent on several different factors

but …

We did it on May 4. Because the park lets party guests in at 7:00 and because MDE recognizes the party ticket as entry, we were able to make FPs for the 7:00 and 8:00 hour.

May 4 is Star Wars day, so for better or worse (I like them, I know many don’t), we wanted to watch the Star Wars projections. This pushed back our time at the party. Weather delayed the projections further. If my memory hasn’t failed me, we started about 9:45.

After the 2 FP and the projections, we rode SDD with a 10 minute wait, then Saucers (walk on), then TSM 2X (both with fairly substantial waits, which was disappointing). We went back to SDD, but it had jumped to 25 minutes and we wanted to get more done.

So we did Star Tours, ToT (rider swap) and RnR all one time each (all 3 were mostly walk on). We ended at midnight because DS6 and DW were done, so we left 30 minutes on the table. We had plans to take a photo with Wicket, but wanted to prioritze the rides, so we never made it back to the Star Tours area. I honestly felt like there were a lot of people in the park (more than expected), but most seemed congregated in TSL. I never saw free popcorn. :frowning:

I was disappointed in how little we got done, but I was expecting 3 + hours. Due to weather and an earlier-than-expected ending, we got in about 2 hours.

I probably wouldn’t do it again unless it was just me and DD11.

Thank you! I didn’t realize I could FP during the 7-8pm block, so I just got a couple for our upcoming trip! Great advice!

If I could afford it I would do it in a heartbeat.

If I wasn’t going with toddlers, had 4 day tickets or less, and wasn’t also spending a park ticket that day, I would totally do HS or MK after hours. I would like to try a weekend trip sometime with no full day park tickets and just an event or two like this. But that’s hard to plan for, because they don’t schedule these out that far in advance compared to other Disney stuff.

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