Disney After Hours- anyone used recently?

Has anyone done the Disney After Hours lately? I’m only there one night (this Friday) and we’re going to AK during the day and have Disney After Hours for that night. Looking for info on crowds and ride wait times, oh, and snacks!

Have not done but this event gets nothing but rave reviews!

How was the After Hours? Thinking of getting tickets for 2/8.

I’m going this Friday. I was looking for info too!

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i’m sorry i didn’t read it correctly. Thought you already went. Please let me know how it is. Enjoy!

I am also going this Friday :slight_smile: (TOMORROW!) Will report back how it is!

So I went on Friday night and it was AMAZING! It felt like we had the park to ourselves. We were running around the park (literally), skipping and being silly. There were a few times where we walked an entire section without passing a single person. We ended up getting on every major ride in 1.5 hours and left b 930! And we got a few pics. I would highly recommend this! My husband said he would have spent $250 for the ticket.