Disney 100 16 october

I am in orlando on october and the plan is to be in ak on the 16th. Are there special things planned because of 100 bithday in disneyworld? Is it better to change parcs or park hop to magic in the evening in case of something special happened. When can we expect an announcement for extra activities on that day? How to come from ak to mk ? Can we go by car and do we have to pay again?


I haven’t heard of anything happening specifically that day. On the 50th MK birthday, they had a small ceremony in the morning and some random stuff throughout the day. If memory serves me right, it was a bit of a bust. There were a ton of people (APRs were closed for MK) and no one was riding the rides so at least the lines were short. I’m sure it was fun for people who showed up to be together with others celebrating.

But this is not the birthday of a specific park so it’s less likely MK will be the best / only place to observe the anniversary. Who knows. (Maybe someone else does — here’s hoping we hear something in advance.)

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Thanks. I think i dont change plans yet


Off topic but I’ll be at DLP that day. They have announced there will be celebrations but no details yet.

That said, DLPs 30th celebrations put WDW’s 50th to shame. So I hope WDW do something special.


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On Oct. 16, EP may be a bit busy since that’s the date for the official opening of the new Journey of Water Inspired by Moana and a new Moana meet-and-greet near it.

You can either take a park-to-park bus, which usually start about 1:30 pm since park hopping doesn’t start until 2:00 pm, or you can drive yourself. If you drive, you do NOT have to pay again. If you are staying off-site and have to pay to park at AK, be sure to get a receipt and keep it so you can show it at the next parking lot. For MK, you will have to park at the TTC, then take the ferry or monorail to MK. If you take a bus from AK, you will be dropped off at the park entry directly (no ferry or monorail needed). If you are staying on-site, then parking is free at the theme parks.

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Thanks . For the info. If there is something in mk i think i park hop. I drive to mk parking because i can park free then because i paid at ak. I think that leaving the car
Is not so smart because of going back to parking ak in the evening while park is closed
Thanks for the info