Disneland and California Adventure Dining Reservations: GENIE versus online

As of this morning, 1/4/2022, the availability on Genie is not the same as online. Genie is showing times open but will not let you reserve for times that are not available online.

We are going 2/28-3/4 2022. Reservations for dining go within 5 minutes of release for a lot of the more popular venues.

I’ve only used the Disneyland app for dining reservations. I didn’t know there is a discrepancy between the app and online. What are you trying to get? At 60 days, some reservations haven’t been released, at least on the app. I’ve stalked the app daily and haven’t had an issue getting Lamplight, Cafe Orleans, Carthay, Goofy’s Kitchen, and Storytellers Cafe for the times I want. I distinctly remember them releasing Goofy’s Kitchen around 45 days. I’ve perused your dates on the app. Most of the above options are available. Maybe some places haven’t been released?

Sometimes, the app won’t allow me to complete the reservations. I have to wait like 10 minutes and start over again. That has happened on both the DLR and WDW app.

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It’s definitely a thing that reservations are not released at 60 days. At least not for all restaurants. I was wanting to book a character breakfast at the Plaza in early February and it was at least 7-10 days past the 60 day mark before the reservations opened. They also seem to come in chunks rather than rolling out by day. I would just keep looking and looking and looking. Annoying but effective.


Yes, my Goofy’s Kitchen reservations were released around 45 days with like the next five days. I had studied the reservation availability and noticed that there were reservations available for Goofy’s Kitchen for breakfast everyday for at least the 2 weeks before I needed the reservation. But none for my date, nor the dates after me, which were all within the 60 day window. When Disney dropped the reservations for my date, they also dropped like the next 5 days after my date.

I must say, it is so much easier getting a reservation at DLR than at WDW. I was never able to get a breakfast reservation for Topolino no matter how often I stalked for last minute cancellations or how many reservation finders I used. But I had my pick of days and times for Topolino dinner, Citricos, and Narcossee’s in the cancellations.

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Thank you for the info. I work from home so I can check more easily during the day. Keeping fingers crossed!