Discovery Cove Photo Package and Cabanas

We are going to Discovery Cove in March. I think we will want the photo package for the dolphin swim. I cannot find the standalone cost on the website. I found a bundle with the cabanas but I am not sure I want to spend that much. Does anyone know? Thank you

BTW I posted it here because I could not find a better category

I couldn’t find anything either for photo packages alone. I can comment that we did the elite package a few years ago & plan to do it again in October. I felt it was a good deal since you get all the photo & video from your dolphin encounter. Sorry I could be more help.

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Thank you

We bought the photo CD when we went in September of 2013. According to my records, I have a charge from Discovery Cove on my credit card that day in the amount of $111.83. I think that was the photo package, as I don’t know what else I would have bought there that day. But it seems like a really high amount. :-/

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I emailed this address and received the following responses:

Cabana at Discovery Cove®: starts at $199 plus tax
Discovery Photo Package at Discovery Cove®: starts at $229.00 plus tax ( includes 1 digital photo CD, eight 6x8 prints, 1 Dolphin interaction DVD, 1 photo album, one 16x24 poster, and 2 key rings)
Elite Package: starts at $399

Currently the DVD would cost $75.00 plus tax and the photo CD $150.00 plus tax if purchased without a photo package. We do offer additional photo packages; however, each will include prints. Please view our additional photo packages below:

Island Photo Package starts at $99: Includes four 6x8 prints, one 4x6, and one 6x8 photo frame
Adventure Photo Package starts at $159: Includes one photo CD, six 6x8 prints, and one 6x8 photo frame

I guess they really want you to purchase the photo bundle (or better yet the Elite Package)