Discounts on Rooms at AOA in 2018

Trying to plan for end of Feb and beginning of March in 2018. If I book now, and discounts become available later can I re-book for the discount or can I just call WDW and get it? Also, does the Little Mermaid room ever go on sale?

Yes, I would book now and have them match the discounts later. Don’t wait and risk losing the rooms you want.

You can apply a discount later but I cannot remember ever seeing a Little Mermaid room being included in a discount?

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I’ve read the little mermaid rooms have never been included in discounts due to them being so popular.

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The Little Mermaid rooms have never been part of a promotion.

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They’re popular, and there are relatively few of them to begin with… I doubt Disney ever has trouble filling them to capacity.