Discounts Oct 2015?

I have 3 different sets of friends heading to the world this year. I am so excited for them! One of my friends is going with her mom and and two girls (under 10). I think they have settled on POR.

She asked me today if WDW offers rooms-only discounts in October. I think I have seen free dinning and maybe AP discounts but not room only discounts. Does that sound about right?

If there was a discount (and she pays in full) can she get the discount applied? Or would she have to rebook?

Thanks! :smile:

They usually do a room only discount at the same time as the free dinning. Yes they can add the discount by calling once they are announced they will just get a refund for the discount. This is what they had for October last year 10/4/14-11/25/14 15%-30% off room-only rates for general public (also bookable as package)

Oh cool! And you can do this even if you have already paid in full?

Yes like I said they will just get a refund for the discount. I have already paid in full but I am hoping to get free dining for my stay in September.

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:grinning: I normally don’t book this far in advance. I will let her know to keep her eyes peeled. :+1:

Any idea on when they might announce free dining for October/November?

Early May?

The last few years the fall discounts didn’t come out until late July into August. Check as they have historic listing of discounts and when they came out.

No I just looked at a list of past discounts last year they were announced in early may

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