Discounts in May 24'? DVC or not?

We have a trip coming up next May and I am having trouble deciding between renting a DVC and booking a moderate. The issue is the potential for discounts. There is a good chance there could be discounts for next May so I am rethinking my DVC plans. While I like doing the DVC thing to get a deluxe at a moderate price the way the discounts are going it has me tempted. If I am doing DVC I need to book it soon, but once I do there is no way to cancel without loosing money if there would happen to be a better WDW discount.

Looking for any advice to help me with my decision. What are the chances for a discount and what might it be? Thanks to my liner friends.

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I would book a moderate as a placeholder and if your travel dates are flexible stalk the dedicated DVC rentals (@JJT has a great thread in the DVC category) for a deal on a stay that works for you if one comes up.


That’s a great suggestion!


Stalking those reservations is how I end up taking so many trips or taking longer trips or even just being able to stay deluxe (aside from my few DVC points).