Discounts at Walt Disney World

I have looked repeatedly on the website in Member benefits for the basic discount on Disney Merchandise at Disney owned shops in WDW, and I cannot find anything that verifies we still get it. I know earlier it had been 20% for a while. Then a temporary 30% like AP holders. All I can find is a reference to the member shop on Shop Disney. What am I missing?

Here’s the page on the DVC site.

From the top, click on “offers and benefits”, then choose “all member benefits” and then highlight “shopping” on the page I linked to.

Thanks, I have done that dozens of times and it doesn’t show for WDW.

Did you see WDW discounts on the link?

Next to the “Member Benefits” there’s a location drop down. Do you have that set to “All Disney Locations”?

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Hey the DVC site has been down all day and your link is connected to it

I’ve been on and off it all day, it was working fine for me. :woman_shrugging:

well BAH, it’ won’t open for me ALL day :frowning:

This is all I find for Disney Merch, none for WDW, only for independent store.

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I don’t know what website that is though, never seen it before.

Are you using the main DVC site in my link, and still not seeing this:

Top of the page, showing the filters:

And then on the first page I get Basin White showing up at GF:

I also found this on the page that compares direct vs resale benefits:

Exclusive Member Discounts

Save on a wide variety of experiences at and around Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Available to Members who purchase directly from Disney Vacation Club, these ever-changing discounts may include:

  • Theme park tickets and annual passes
  • Immersive tours and experiences at the theme parks
  • Dining—save 20% on dining at most Disney restaurants
  • Shopping—save 20% at most Disney owned-and-operated stores
  • Entertainment—including Broadway-caliber shows
  • Spa and salon treatments

It’s the same website, I just captured the page where the discount should be. Now, I did not think to look at the comparison page of benefits page. I always look at the current extras and benefits offered. I was specifically looking for something that verified the 20% at most disney owned…

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