Discounts at AOA

We’re looking at a trip for 6 people in March 2020. Just got some quotes from our travel agent. Since packages were just released they don’t have any discounts. I know that we can book now and our TA will apply any discounts that come up. She is great about doing that.

My question is about Art of Animation. We are considering either booking a family suite or two Little Mermaid rooms there. But I seem to recall from previous trips that when discounts are released they often exclude AOA. Is that still true and was it for all rooms at AOA or just the Little Mermaid ones?

Thanks for any info. It will help us to make our decision.

The suites are often discounted, it is just the Little Mermaid rooms that aren’t. We stayed in a Lion King suite years ago, it was wonderful.

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Thanks for that information. That has me leaning towards booking the suite if we decide on AOA. It’s more expensive than the two rooms, but if we got any discounts it would probably make up most of the difference.

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The only thing I would be aware of is the beds and who is in your party. We are a party of 4, so each teen got their own bed at AOA. For a party of 6, it is going to be more crowded. Are your 6 people 2 adults and 4 kids or 4 adults and 2 kids? You only get 3 sleeping surfaces in a suite, versus 4 in the regular rooms. 4 adults would be harder in the suite I would think.

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Two adults (We get the queen in the bedroom) and four teens (two sets of sisters). They would share the two doubles. They’ve done it before on other trips. It might be a bit cozy, but they’re not allowed to complain since we’re paying! :wink:


Perfect! I make my kids sleep on blow up mattresses on vacation sometimes. When they complain, I tell them when they pay, they can have the bed.

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