Discounted Park Tickets

I am confused about which discount sellers will require me to go to the will call window before I enter the park and which ones won’t. I have purchased tickets from Parksavers and UT in the past. I don’t think I had to go to the window to redeem the tickets with either one of those. I just linked them to MDE within a day or 2 of purchasing them. Can someone enlighten me? We have an opportunity through DH’s employer to get a pretty generous discount through “TicketsatWork”. Anyone ever heard of them?

I have access to ticketsatwork through my employer. But tickets have always been cheaper through UT, so I have never actually used them.

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We’ve only used UT. They send you a code that you link in MDE. No physical ticket necessary and you can link the day you buy tickets (so booking FP is not a problem).

Thanks. I think I hesitated too long because of the uncertainty in our plans, and now I have missed out on all of the best deals. Seems like all of the top sellers raised their prices in the last 2 days.

Ticketsatwork was what got me started on this journey (read obsession). I got the invite from work to join so I thought, “let’s see how much Disney cost”. This lead to signing up for some newsletters with lead to free dining with lead to 8 months of planning and two trips this year​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

I’ve never been invited to a discussion before! And I feel bad as I can’t help. I buy from UK sellers and we only have 7, 14 or 21 day parkhoppers to choose from.

Tickets at work cost more than most of the other discount tickets since the price they quote does not include tax.


Oh, ok thanks. I just asked DH this morning if their numbers included tax, because they are less than the other vendors! He was going to look into it.

Sorry, I didn’t even realize that you were in the UK! Thanks for responding!

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Oh. One more tip. If you are using UT to buy tickets, you can get an ADDITIONAL discount (I think it is about $1 per ticket) if you use the Mousesavers Newsletter link. Alternatively, I THINK you can just add the promo code MOUSESAVER (or maybe it is MOUSESAVERS).

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Haha yes it is a whole $1 per ticket, I just used it last week. I’m not sure why I was expecting a little more for my trouble of acquiring the email!

@poohfanclub I would NOT recommend Tickets at Work. In addition to what other’s have said about their prices not including tax, they have on multiple occasions misrepresented the “original” price to overstate their savings %. And they were VERY uninterested in correcting this when I pointed it out.

As far as “Will Call” goes, that usually just means the e-tickets. If you are staying at a WDW resort or have a magic band, you can link them to MDE and use that, but if you are off-site and don’t have a band, you would just need to go to Will Call in order to pick up a card for use at the tapstiles and FP+ touchpoints.

I researched Tickets at Work, while many had success, I found a lot that had issues with linking, etc. I had decided I wasn’t going to use them. Based on advice of others in this forum, I went with UT. If you do have an issue with TAW, it sounds like it is a hassle to get your money back if there is an issue (assuming you can even get it back).

Well, I’m buying tickets for 4 people (I already have an Annual Pass). So that’s a $4 savings. I mean, I can buy some cookies at Earl of Sandwich or something! :wink:

I agree it isn’t much…but then, UT is already probably making slim profit margins.

I’ve purchased though UT last year and just a few days ago through With officialticketcenter, I got the confirmation email right away and a follow up email about 12 hours later with the Disney confirmation that I was able to link in MDE. The actual ticket pdf they email says you need to visit will call, but you can enter the code beneath the bar code in MDE and it links right away. I feel like UT was the same, but I could be wrong as it was a year ago.