Discounted park tickets?

Where do you all find discounted park tickets? My company belongs to a program called Working Advantage that sometimes offers discounted passes, but I want to try to find the best deal.

Also - we are planning for Jan 2019 so I have time. Do offers change throughout the year? Should I buy now or wait?

Undercover Tourist always has the best deals, from what I’ve found.

I also have a through-work discount (, but I can almost always get better deals through Undercover Tourist.

BTW, make sure you compare prices AFTER taxes. Undercover Tourist lists prices INCLUDING all taxes, whereas most other places do not. So you actually need to add to cart, etc., to do an after-tax comparison. (OR, alternatively, Undercover Tourist can be set to show you pre-tax pricing.)

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If you qualify for Military rate tickets, through Shades of Green or your nearest MWR/Rec-ITT office, that is the least expensive option. Otherwise, UT, Maple Leaf Tickets, and a few others will get you a percent or two off, but not a huge savings.

Also, THIS.

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The touring plans ticket calculator is updated regularly so that you can always find the best deals from discounted sellers. Although I believe you can access it on the web site I always check it from the home page of the app.

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I’d check the theme park ticket calculator on this site. It saved us almost $300. If you know you’re going to go, I’d probably buy now. Can’t imagine ticket prices dropping!

The “Least Expensive Ticket Calculator” here on TouringPlans is, in fact a great too. Count me as a supporter!

There is one caveat, though: it does not know the prices, nor will it offer to check, for military tickets. That you’ll have to compare yourself (if you qualify).

In my experience, these discounted passes always end up being more expensive than places like Undercover Tourist because the price that they initially quote you does not include taxes, shipping, fees, etc.