Hi, I read somewhere on Facebook that you can get a discount when paying a year’s membership with touringplans and then purchasing the book. I paid for both, not knowing this was a thing. As I have the 2020 edition & will need to renew my membership soon, I wondered if anyone can confirm there is a discount? And if so, where in the book will I find a/the code? TIA

I believe it would work that when you renew, there’s an option to indicate you bought the book & then it asks for a word. Something like “First word on page 47” or “last word on page 89”. You type in the word and get the discount. Fairly simple.

You already get a discount when you renew which I think is more than the book discount. I don’t remember seeing it as an option when I renewed last week.


You also get a discount if you renew for multiple years at once.

And there’s also a discount if you subscribe to the mousesavers newsletter. I have no idea which is better though.

I have had that in the past but it’s not been an option for me the last 2 times, I don’t know why.

I’ve just spotted the 25% discount for renewing membership, so I’ve gone with that. Thanks everyone… I feel more than eve,r I need to keep up with current info. Cheers


When I renewed in March I had the option of 1, 2, or 3 year renewal all at the same percentage discount. In previous years it had been tiered with the highest discount with the longest commitment. I think I renewed for 3 years prior to this year

I don’t know if it’s because I’m on my phone. I did 2 years in 2017, there wasn’t an option for 3, but last year and last week it definitely wasn’t there.

You nailed it! I just tried link from renewal email on my computer and phone. Computer has drop down to choose up to three year renewal but phone does not offer an option.

I guess I am not surprised but I can add additional years to my current subscription at the discounted rate.

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Oh that’s interesting! Maybe I’ll try and add more years.

Just grabbed the kindle version… I like the idea of being able to open the necessary intel from the book, on my phone, while in the park. All a dream right now but hopefully the world’s nightmare will pass quickly and we can all get back to living in our new normal :wink: