Discount tickets from Undercover Tourist?

Has anyone purchased from undercover tourist? Is it worth it? Can I link them to my MB?

I haven’t used Undercover Tourist, but last year we bought our tickets for the first time from Parksavers. Everything worked out great, and we saved a lot of money. After the purchase, they sent us an email explaining how to link the tickets to MDE. No problems! Everything else was just like we purchased the tickets from WDW. I would definitely do it again. We are looking into Undercover Tourist for this year’s tickets. (They are a little bit cheaper for what we want.)

I have bought them from UT. They sent me a real ticket and I used my phone’s camera to scan them into MDE. I was happy I had the UT tickets because when I went to upgrade Disney said they were non park hoppers. Luckily the UT had the ticket type printed into the ticket.

I’ve bought them from UT, had no problems with the tickets at the gate. I just purchased a couple more at the old rate to have as “investment” tickets for future trips.

I used UT and got e-tickets. We ultimately placed the tickets on magic bands.

I did, they linked to MDE just fine

What is the advantage of getting the tickets mailed rather than the E-ticket with UT?

I think it just depends if you’d rather have a hard ticket or if you know you are going to have a Magic Band. I have used the hard tickets and had no problem, and I have an E ticket also in my MDE for a future use. The hard tickets linked up great, as did the E Ticket. It’s just a matter of preference. I have the hard tickets from last year as a memento of the trip.

There is an advantage if there is a problem. Gurpegi services told me a non park hopper was linked to the band- I had the ticket!

We purchased for last summer’s 3-day trip to DLR (stayed off-site at the Anaheim Marriott). Probably saved ~$10 x three family members compared to list price for 3-day passes.
Also, we were pleasantly surprised that the tickets were considered “Park Hoppers” and at DLR, it is much easier to go between DL and DCA.

So yes, I would use again if time permitted and wasn’t using some other ticketing package via Disney.

Yes got hoppers from them. They do different deals with some only being e tix. We were offsite and no magic bands so ordered actual tix. Posted to UK within the week. Linked on mde no issues. Highly recommend.

Hey Tink, just trying to understand how UT differs from Parksavers because I need to buy my tickets. Last year, Parksavers emailed me my ticket vouchers (from Expedia). Then I received another email with a FP+ confirmation number which allowed me to link the tickets to MDE. It was easy. Is this how it works with UT? Also, I enrolled in the Mousesavers newsletter, but can’t figure out how to get that extra few dollars of discount from UT.

If you enrolled in the Mousesavers on the 15th of the month their email will include a link that will say something like “for wdw tickets cluck here” . It brings you to the special pricing page. If you need a newsletter I can forward you one if you PM me your email.

Parksavers is a eticket- right? UT has the option to have a plastic ticket mailed to your house. You can then connect it to your MDE account, but in the past you could set them aside for a couple of years. Now they expire. My issue was I was adding three days to a five day park hopper. The CM said it was not a park hopper. Luckily I had that plastic ticket that said on the back “5 day PH”. I was able to pull out my ticket and show her.

I have purchased from UT many times - they are my go-to ticket place. In all the years I have purchased from them, there was only one issue, and that was once when the tickets got lost in the mail (not UT’s fault). I contacted them and they cheerfully sped new tickets to me right away, so kudos to them for the great customer service.

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Thanks so much for the info everyone!

Agreed with above

Call me a pessimist but I have the feeling that if you buy a room and ticket package from WDW direct and you make requests like for views, room upgrades or anything special you may have the advantage.

I’m not too sure on that - but hey - who knows. In all reality - is the room request what makes or breaks your stay. For me saving over $200 on a sure thing is what makes me happy!