Disappointed with Undercover Tourist

We purchased WDW tickets from Undercover Tourist over a week ago. My MIL is kindly buying the tickets so she asked me to use her card and info (name, address, etc), which we did. (Thanks, MIL :slight_smile: ) MIL was on vacation at the time. UT has an anti-fraud measure where they put a small hold on the credit card and you have to tell them how much it’s for before they’ll confirm your order - we didn’t know about this until after we placed the order. Thank goodness I provided my email address rather than MIL’s or we wouldn’t have found out that we needed to verify the hold amount until MIL got home from vacation! My poor MIL had to spend about a half an hour on hold with her credit card company before she could find out what that charge was so that we could confirm the order. Still, we confirmed and got the confirmation email. We assumed we were all set.

I just got an email today saying that they’re out of stock for hard tickets and they’re cancelling my order. I can understand that we’re in something of a unique situation and it can be hard to keep track of stock, but the timing rubs me the wrong way. A whole week to let us know? After making us jump thorough hoops to place the order to begin with?

On the bright side, I can purchase an e-ticket still, which I plan to do tonight. I think I’ll try Official Ticket Center this time. Working with UT left a bad taste in my mouth.

I am sorry for your trouble. I will tell you I did the e ticket about a month or so ago and had no issue. With the e ticket, I was not able to add to MDE from the app. I had to log in on a desktop and do it from there, but that was only about 5 minutes extra.

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@Dad_of_twin_girls, thanks for your perspective. I just bought etickets from Official Ticket Center. We’ll see how it goes this time!

I had a similar less-than-favorable experience with UT this summer. My account was flagged for ‘possible fraud’ on their end (not my CC- charge went through) for a high dollar amount (I bought 6 eight day tickets). I called after 48 hrs because I had not received my e-ticket info. Apparently they had no intentions of calling me but expected me to call them to sort it all out. Was not impressed.

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If you can access ticketsatwork.com, if your work qualifies, or anyone you know does, it is possibly cheaper for tickets. I am looking right now at a 7 day base ticket on the official ticket center and it’s $428. Ticketsatwork is $395. It also looks like you can get a eticket or a mailed ticket. I have not purchased Disney tickets from them but I have purchased a lot of other things through them without any issue at all. I am eligible to get on there through the hospital I work for. Might be worth checking out.

Although I realize that isn’t a huge difference in price but on some other stuff it is. I bought tickets to Medieval Times for 5 people and saved $130 on there.

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I’ve recently used UT for Universal tickets, having to call my credit card and go through the fraud checks was a pain, but I now have the tickets. UT is rare in that they will post to the UK.

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:confounded: not good

I have access to Tickets at work, but I’ve yet to find any instance where it was cheaper than UT. I have found cases where it is similar, but UT has always been cheaper.

I do feel bad for the bad experience with UT. I’ve used them many times without issue.


I’ve used UT for # of trips, no issue at all.

I had a crazy time w their MNSSHP party tickets this month tho. Yow. No hard tickets available, just a will call set up. Was told, show your iphone confirmation @will call.

Showed the info @ MK townhall morn of party. CM says: these confirmation #s are not working in our system. Jeesh. Took about 1/2 hour for me & Ds to straighten out, glad I did this ahead of the party tho.

I will say that UT once we & CM phoned them, worked w townhall & got it straightened out.

Got a bit dicey tho, when reentering park w party tickets. Finally just used our day tickets, set up our wristbands w party tickets later in park.

If price difference betw UT & Disney party tickets not that great, next time I’d go just with Disney’s though.

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I agree, Tickets at Work doesn’t add the tax in until checkout, which lulls people into thinking they are a better deal than resellers.

Ahhh, they got me too. I thought the tax was already included in that ticket price I quoted above. So I guess my point was incorrect about the Disney tickets. But I did save a lot on those Medieval Times tickets lol


Sorry to share I’ve had a similar experience to some of the stories already mentioned with Official Ticket Center. Ease of use seems to be a hurdle all around.