Disappointed not surprised

Well today was 60 days out and at 1 second past 7am, I couldn’t get a FP for FOP, guess it’s rope drop and EMH, with fingers crossed

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I had the same thing happen. Keep looking every day. I finally picked some up for a party of 3 at 35 days out.

Thanks that was going to be my next question, do FP open up? Anyway got FP for the river ride at 10.15, so with rope drop at 8am should be OK to get both done.

Be sure to keep checking. I am at 60 days out today too, and I was able to get two FPP for FoP, one of which I didn’t get until about 7:45 am EDT. I don’t think I made it to the first one I booked until about 7:15 am.

Yes, definitely keep looking! Was able to snag a FoP FP for our third day around day 45ish or so (and my DH and I have to use rider switch anyway, so it’s ok that we just have the one).

How big was your party? I’m approaching my fastpass day next week and hoping we might be fine because there is just the two of us :pray::pray:

That’s part of the trouble as we are quite a large party. However I checked for single riders to no avail. We will be there on a holiday weekend so that may be the problem. However there is early extra magic hours on the day we go, and we are staying at AKL, so if I can persuade people to get up at 6.30 we should be okay. Good luck to you in your quest

Fingers crossed you find some in the mean time but staying at AKL will give you some advantage in actually getting to the park as you will have the shortest journey :slight_smile:

We went into AK on EMH day for Hotel guests. I simply could not believe how many hotel guests were there queueing

I actually thought we’d picked a bad time to go as it seemed like every Hotel guest in disney was there early as well

So if you do go for EMH ropedrop do arrive early or you will be amazed by the queues

It’s not helped by the fact everyone heads for FOP first and as fast as they can

We got told off for running

@jwtm It was 7am Eastern time when you tried, correct? Just curious because that is the time, so if you are in a different time zone, that matters.

I know my response is way late for this but wanted to ask in case someone else is searching the info.

I didn’t get any FoP on ou6 60 day either - but after a few weeks of checking a few times each day I was able to get a set of 4 FoP FPP for 1:30PM, so it can happen.

We also rope dropped AK EMH last week - there were a huge number of people there, and although we started out near the front of the security queue ended up about 50 yards back from the front of the pack since the CMs kept stopping and starting us all at different locations, which allowed for many people to dash around the sides and in front of the leaders.

However, even though I was getting discouraged as we trudged through the super long line of people into FoP, we were still off of the ride by 9AM. It was very much worth it.

I suggest getting to the park at least 1 hour before opening, but I think 1:15 before is a bit better. Also: wear roller skates.*

*Don’t actually wear roller skates. :wink:


What time did you get to ride?

As people told me - keep trying, they do come up, it really works! I got FOP FPPs today (Day 48), it was only the one time-slot available but well within our plans at 3.30. I guess they are releasing them slowly.

Another post to say keep looking. I go t FoP FPP’s about 40 days out…

I am checking obsessively every day, many times a day. Over 2 weeks so far. Each time I see a new NRJ fastpass go back into the system, I wonder if that person got a FOP FP. I think I’m driving myself crazy.

I also couldn’t get a a FP for Flight of Passage at 7am EST for 64 days out (for Trip in October). I planned AK for the 5th day of our trip for a better chance too. Guess I’ll keep obsessively checking, or plan for an early AM at rope drop. Only looking for 2! Grrr.