Disabled parking cost

Hello all, can anyone tell me if it the same price to park using my disabled badge at the parks or is it the same price. Also can anyone tell me what the cost is to park ?

It is the same. We’ve used my mom’s when she comes with us. They direct you to a lot that is as close as you can get. It’s full of handicap stalls. So, yeah, they charge the same.

If you stay on site, parking is free. If staying off site, then it’s $20/day for a car. Preferred spots are $40/day. Keep your parking receipt, and you don’t have to pay again if you hop to another park or take a break and return later same day. Details are on Disney’s page https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/parking/ .

A little known bene is that valet parking is free with a handicapped tag.

Also if you have an AP parking is free

Hello, and thanks for your replies. You say that valet parking is free with a disabled badge? Is that service available at the parks or just resort hotel?

Resorts yes, parks I don’t know; we were staying on site (and I had an AP) so paying for parking at the parks wasn’t an issue.

Thanks for that. If we’re not staying on site can we park at a resort hotel using our disabled blue badge, I’m assuming for free? and get Disney transport to the parks? Or is that either not allowed or I just couldn’t do that because I need to prove I was staying at that particular hotel?