Disability pass question

Friends of ours traveling need a DAS pass. They are staying at Shades of Green and going to Disney springs on checkin day to activate their military park tickets. Does anyone know if they will be able to set up the DAS there at that time or if they have to wait to go to Guest services at the park.
Also, will they need the magic bands of the people who are going to be on the pass with them?

No you can’t set up DAS at Disney Springs. You have to do it at a park, but it can be outside the tapstile so they could go over to MK and do it on check-in day.
All members who want to be on the pass need to be present…I don’t believe you can just bring their bands.

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They don’t need the magic bands as long as you have plans together. My sister was able to (July 2021) sign up for DAS with her children (both autistic) and have us all (total party of 9, including her kids) listed on the same party group, since we were all planning the trip together/family and friend/had same park reservations, dining ADRs, etc.

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This is what I thought too. As long as their in MDE they should be able to set it up for everyone. I’m not sure how this works with minor parties though- my friend won’t be able to friend my daughter on the app.

My kids don’t have their own MDE’s and my sister didn’t have planning privileges for them, but I set my kids’ icons on my MDE to “show plans in common” or whatever setting that is. We all showed up anyway- all 9 were on my sister’s MDE even though she didn’t have planning over anyone in my party.

She can add your daughter. She can invite her through the reservation and use your email.