Disability Pass (AAP) at Universal Studios Orlando

Our family is making our first trip to Universal this winter. We have a family of 6. Myself, my husband, and four children from 7 to 21.

When planning our trip, a friend told us Universal has a disability pass similar to disney’s But I cannot find a lot of information on qualifying for it.
About us: My husband is a liver transplant recipient and is currently home on disability while he waits for a new liver and kidney. He has been on the waiting list for over a year now and still no organs in sight, which is why we are gambling on this trip in case it is our last family Christmas vacation.
With that being said, he is mobility disabled, tires very quickly, and has some cognitive impairment due to his hepatic encephalopathy. We do have detailed paperwork we use at other theme parks, but i’m Really struggling finding specific information about Universal.
Can anyone offer any guidance here?

Hi Jennifer. I hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation and that your husband receives the help he needs very soon.

The main personal experience I can offer is related to the Hagrid ride. A lady in front of us in line pushed her male companion in a manual wheelchair through the entire queue. Though there are no extremely steep sections, there is a lot of pushing uphill. She did not have any assistance, so she was tired by the time they got to the loading area. Her husband (foot injury) was able to transfer onto the ride by himself. The attendants handled the wheelchair while they rode.
I also witnessed a lady on an electric scooter at the Hogwarts Express ride. In this case, the lady was transferred into one of the train cabins for the ride and her scooter was placed at the back of the train car, to be returned to her when we reached the other station.

Regarding your primary question (how to qualify for assistance pass)
In case you don’t already have it, here is the Universal Orlando riders guide which has a some pass info and details on every ride:

I also saw this one detailed article online, but I can’t personally vouch for the info. It gives more details about the passes and also goes into some very helpful sounding info on a ride-by-ride basis:

best wishes!